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I first got to know Keval through Twitter, and ended up working with him in April. Within 6 months, Keval absolutely killed it. Number of organic new users has gone up by more than 70%, generating more than 3x more revenue for me over that same period. But what impressed me the most wasn’t so much the results, but him actually going above and beyond for me. We’ve been having our calls at the oddest of times (due to me being in a different time zone), and no matter how late it is, 10pm, 11pm whenever, he’ll make the effort to take the call. I really appreciate that level of professionalism. If you’re looking for someone to help rank your site on Google, this is the guy you need to talk to!
Benjamin Tan
CEO, 8 Sheep Organics
Working with Keval and the Inbound Pursuit team has been an absolute pleasure. Our brand UltraPoi.com came to them looking for SEO and ended up getting so much more than just a standard Search Engine Optimization package. Keval actually worked with us closely to gain a thorough understanding of our obscure niche before beginning the leg work of the optimization process. They also unexpectedly helped us with cleaning up the back end of our website and help with branding choices that we believe boosted our conversion rate dramatically. The technical article writing they did for our website was very on brand and helped explain many in-depth aspects of products that our community will appreciate when trying to make product decisions. I wholeheartedly approve of Inbound Pursuit work to any brand owner looking for more than just typical SEO and have already referred them to some of my entrepreneur partners in my network. Highly Recommended!
Stephen Wilson
CEO, Ultra Poi
It has been amazing working with Keval. I worked with two SEO companies before, but it was a terrible experience and our ranking never changed. While working with Keval, we got to the first page of Google within the first month for our main keyword and are now on our way to the #1 spot. We have already gotten a 5x ROI from investing in SEO services. I also love how I don't have to think about SEO anymore, Keval just takes care of it. Overall I highly recommend choosing him.
Inder Dhillon
Co-Founder, Photo Studio Calgary
Within just a few months, Keval and his team were able to get us to #1 position for our main buying keyword, with first page results for other high traffic keywords. He also suggested many changes that not only helped rankings but also increased our website conversions. He achieved all of this with sustainable white-hat techniques that have proven their resilience in the face of numerous Google algorithm updates. If you want game changing SEO results that stand the test of time, Keval is your man.
Jeik Savage
Co-Founder, Sunset
We got Keval's name as a referral from the work he had done for another similar client in a similar industry. When we started in September of 2020 we were not anywhere to be found on the web. Maybe page 88 or something like that. By October we were on page 30 and by February of 2021, we touched page 1 which is where we are currently. Keval showed us the value of having high DR backlinks to our website and correct on-page SEO optimization. In a giant pool of crummy backlink builders and scammers from around the world, Keval delivered great results that were quantifiable.
Tosh Lahy
Co-Founder, 5 Day Private Label
Inbound Pursuit was incredibly easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable. We had multiple high priority events that required immediate attention and the team was always willing to jump in and help out at all hours of the day.
Neils Olson
Co-Founder, Trio Beauty
When we started our niche lumber business, we knew we needed to invest quickly and aggressively into SEO.  At first, we thought about keeping it in house & trying to tackle it ourselves. After a year of minimal results, we turned to Keval and his team over at Inbound Pursuit for some professional guidance.  After a quick intro call, we could easily tell these guys knew what they were doing so we decided to sign the offer & start working together. The process was quick & painless. Within a couple months they had quality content built out on all our collection pages and starting building quality backlinks.  Fast forward 10 months & we’re experiencing the bulk of our website traffic coming through organic search.  If you’re looking for a great team to work with on SEO, I’d highly recommend Keval & his team over at Inbound Pursuit!
Jordan Grant
Sales & Marketing Director, G&B Quality Cedar Products
Keval and his team are legit! They outlined a reasonable and clear strategy, then executed it to the point and on time each month. As a result we are now ranking in top 10 on Google for a handful of our very relevant terms. I won’t hesitate to recommend them to fellow business owners looking to improve their search engine rankings.
Sergey Chistyakov
CEO, TerraBloom
I'm thrilled to share my experience with Inbound Pursuit and the remarkable work led by their founder, Keval. Our partnership with Inbound Pursuit has yielded exceptional results that have transformed our organic presence. Keval and his team demonstrated an impressive mastery of SEO, effectively boosting our SERP rankings across all of our target keywords. Their commitment to excellence and attention to detail was evident throughout the entire process. Thanks to their expertise and efforts, we experienced a substantial increase in generic organic impressions and traffic, a staggering 33% to be exact. This level of improvement has not only met but exceeded our expectations. Keval's approach is not only professional but also personable. He and his team took the time to understand our business, specific needs and goals, tailoring their plan to our business's unique requirements. This individualized approach is what truly sets Inbound Pursuit apart. In a field as dynamic and complex as SEO, it's reassuring to have a partner like Inbound Pursuit. They continually kept us informed, shared valuable insights, and were always available to address our questions and concerns with the always evolving search landscape. I wholeheartedly recommend Inbound Pursuit and Keval. Their expertise is second to none, and their commitment to client success is truly commendable.
Matt Bennett
Marketing Manager, Jewlr
The Inbound Pursuit team got up to speed SO quickly on our industry terms and the mindset of our consumer. They are always bringing fresh ideas to us based on our product offering, seasonality and what our competitors are doing in the space. We jumped to #1 on the SERP for a number of high volume search terms that are core to our business within the first 2 months.
Deirdre Kelly
Marketing Manager, Puravida Bracelets
Keval and the entire Inbound Pursuit team was responsive, results-oriented, and answered any questions I had.  They met with us to understand our needs and adjusted based on any of our feedback.  Within a couple months, they had several of our new services ranking very high in search results.  They definitely know what they are doing.
Michael Fear
Director of Marketing, Florida Engineering LLC
I’ve worked with several SEO “experts” over the past 10 years and in my honest opinion Keval is the only one truly worthy of being called an expert. So many out there seem to only care about landing more clients. Keval cares about delivering results. Hiring him is really a no brainer.
Ryan Clark
Marketing Manager, Sell Toner
Keval did some work for a few of our niche sites just before we were all hit with the Coronavirus pandemic. About a month or so after the initial virus panic both websites started to hit all time highs in both traffic and revenues and still continue to climb month by month. Investing in SEO may not pay out in the first two weeks like FB ads would but it's a small investment that pays a lifetime of dividends in truly passive income. Keval is also the man - good sense of humor and a pleasure to work with.
Dillon Andrew
CEO, No Credit Campers
My traffic has never been higher - After having my site for around two years, I just couldn't get any traffic to the site. I tried all the dodgy tactics and a few "SEO experts" but the most traffic I had was around 300/month. Keval came in, removed the hundreds of spammy links, checked all content and on page SEO and built some really really powerful links. Within 3 months traffic has jumped to around 2,000/month - crazy in such a short space of time and what is more impressive I was on the lowest budget too. There is no doubt about it - Keval will get you results!
Jon McCory
CEO, 1st Class Finances
I've worked with a number of marketing and SEO agencies in the past and the Inbound Pursuit team was the first one to get any sort of sustainable results. Their tactics are all above board (no black hat here), so you can rest easy knowing that your site traffic won't go to zero overnight with the next Google algorithm update. What's more, Keval takes the time to really understand the ins and outs and nuances of your business to ensure the tactics and strategies used have the biggest impact possible. I cannot recommend Keval and his team enough.
Brad Christmann
CEO, Custom Sock Lab
Inbound Pursuit is my go-to SEO agency for all of my brands. We always get an ROI, and their professionalism is unmatched. We first started working with them when our CBD brand fell in rankings due to a Google Algorithm update. Within 3-months, Keval and his team had us in the top-3 positions for our target keywords and we were hitting record highs in revenue. If you're serious about ranking in Google, Keval is the guy you need to talk to.
Deep Patel
CEO, Penguin CBD
Been working with Keval on one of my websites for the past 6+ months. During this time, we’ve seen traffic grow 200% while revenue is up 150% on the site. And this is with minimal new content added to the site. Suffice to say, I’ll be handing him another site or two of mine in the coming months due to the growth I’ve seen working with him. I’m quite pleased with his SEO services and would recommend him to anyone looking to increase organic traffic. Dude does a damn good job and gets results.
Jake Darby
CEO, Peptides
It took Keval just 6-months to get us to the first page of Google for the exact keywords we gave him. I own 4 software companies. We are hiring Keval for every single one of them.
Daniel Fazio
CEO, Klean Leads
I worked with Keval and his team for almost a year, they got us to rank 1st page 1st spot for multiple searches that bring us 4-5 calls per day, and tens of thousands in new business every month. Their communication is great and every month I got a report on exactly what was done and where our rankings stand. He’s the only person I recommend people to for SEO.
Alex Heiden
CEO, Closify
Having been burned by my previous SEO firm, I was hesitant to engage a new company to handle my SEO. I met Keval on Twitter and haven’t looked back since. Keval and his team have been nothing short of a godsend. Lots of pretenders in the SEO space. Keval is the real deal.
Christopher Saenz
CEO, Hotsy Equipment Company
Keval and his team not only changed my entire outlook on SEO but they taught me a ton that I can use on a daily basis. The way he thinks about SEO specific to DTC ecom businesses builds traffic and drives conversions. We now rank for keywords I previously thought we would never have a chance at.
Mason Palmer
Co-Founder, Smoke Honest
Keval is the gold standard in DTC SEO. Since starting work with him in 2023, I've recommended him to as many e-commerce brand operators and markers as possible. Caden Lane reached out to Inbound Pursuit with the goal of moving revenue-generating keywords to the top of Google, and they over-delivered. 10/10 stars!
Bryant Jaquez
CMO, Caden Lane
Keval and his team was instrumental in doubling our SEO traffic and sales over a period of 6-8 months. They are easy to work with and know the e-commerce SEO space very well. I highly recommend Inbound Pursuit.
Melita Cyril
CEO, Q for Quinn
Worked with many SEO companies in the past that provided absolutely no value — so when we decided to bring in Keval and his team at Inbound Pursuit, we knew we were in good hands. They have successfully brought us to the top of search results for many keywords in our competitive market. At this stage, we don't even have meetings anymore to discuss the campaigns because we don't need to, they know what to do and how to do it effectively - saving me a lot of time and generating us a lot of traffic that converts. SEO is a process, trust it and trust them.
Justin Gauthier
CEO, Danireon